Game Consoles

Gaming System & Console Repair Service

Dr.Cellular recognizes the need for quick, fast and quality game and game console repair. Gaming systems ranging from Playstation, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and others have so much importance in the family household. Not only are they means of entertainment, but they have integrated themselves into our workouts, internet access and many other daily required functions. With that understanding is why we have trained technicians on board to quickly diagnose and identify issues so that we can take immediate course of action for repairs to be made.

Common issues is when a hard drive fails on your XBOX 360, Play Station 3, or Nintendo Wii life, as we know it comes to a stand still until timely and correct repairs are made. Dr.Cellular stands from a personal and professional view how high tech devices become an integral part of most everyone’s life today, and we are your complete solution when your game console becomes disabled from physical damage, or from modular parts just wearing out from use over time.

If you have questions about a portable device, please give us a call with your any problem because we specialize in all areas.
• We Service MOST iPad Tablet Brands

• 30 Day Warranty
• Trained Technicians
• Same Day Service on Most Repairs



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